Christopher Williams


Christopher Williams is the Co-founder of PROVEN Investments Limited and President and C.E.O. of PROVEN Management Limited.

Chris attributes his success to his life mantra of ‘Respect and Performance’. This personal philosophy has helped him to shape his professional growth, his commitment to community and national development, and his own career in business and finance.

A past student of Jamaica College (JC), Chris holds a BSc. in Accounting from the University of the West Indies and an MBA in Strategic Marketing and Finance from York University in Toronto, Canada.

Chris believes strongly in education and mentorship, a result of his upbringing and his own experiences at his esteemed JC. He is passionate about sharing his approach to life with students, young people and entrepreneurs and values opportunities to shape young people’s attitudes towards life’s challenges and opportunities.

Chris continues to serve his alma mater as the Immediate Past President of the Jamaica College Old Boys Association; he serves his community as Chairman of the Jamaica Association for the Deaf and a Director of the Usain Bolt Foundation, and serves his profession as Director on several other boards, and as a former Deputy Chairman of the Jamaica Stock Exchange.

His personal philosophy and passion for life have driven him to achieve his own professional successes at PROVEN – a company which - in its first five years of operation, posted in excess of US$23 million in profits. PROVEN was the first company to list on the Jamaica Stock Exchange’s US market, raising in excess of US$30 million in equity, one of the largest private or public US dollar equity offerings in Jamaica's capital market history. In keeping with its growth strategy, the company has acquired equity in six companies in varying sectors across the Jamaican landscape.

As an avid sportsman, Chris continually challenges his own targets and actively pursues his life mantra of ‘Respect and Performance’ with his beautiful wife Michele and their two sons.