Hats off to the hard-working Expo Jamaica 2014 team

Although I have already personally commended the Presidents of the JEA and JMA on an outstanding Expo 2014, I wish to do so publicly and to place on record JAMPRO’s delight at the successful staging of this event.

I also wish to place on record the commendation of the Board of JAMPRO to President Diane Edwards and her team for leading the herculean effort to secure the registration of over 600 buyers up from the approximately 325 who attended the Expo in 2012.

Quite rightly when things go wrong we must demand better. Equally when things go right we must offer praise where praise is due and in the process encourage those who have achieved to do even better. So hats off to Presidents Brian Pengelley and Marjory Kennedy and their hardworking teams!

Now to the task of securing the deals arising from this exceptional showcasing and presentation of Jamaican talent, innovation and productivity. No doubt, Jamaica’s business prospects and profile benefited greatly from a well planned and executed Expo Jamaica 2014!

Milton Samuda
Jamaica Promotions Corporation (JAMPRO)

Published Date: 
Tuesday, April 8, 2014
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