LASCO lands distributor in Panama on JAMPRO trade mission

After participating in a JAMPRO led trade mission to Panama last year, Lasco Manufacturing Ltd. has landed an official distributor in the Panamanian market to promote and retail its products. The company’s LASCO Food Drink, is now currently in two major supermarkets chains, Super Xtra and Machetazo , as well as 28 other retailers. Cornelia Walters-Jones, Market Development Manager at Lasco said that LASCO was pleased by the development , and that JAMPRO had been assisting LASCO with getting products into Panama. She explained, "There was a JAMPRO trade mission before my entrance to LASCO (January 2016) where Diane Wilson and Jorge Vega participated and met with a number of food distributors, including Si Es Natural S.A (our current distributor). I then joined them in March for Expocomer 2016 in Panama, where we then finalized our decision.” The company is now looking towards expanding its reach in Panama by adding the popular LASOY line, instant chocolate and the recently launched ice cream product 'Ice Dream’ to its offerings in the country.

Vice President of Export and Market Development at JAMPRO, Robert Scott, said that the Agency had been steadily creating opportunities for companies in Panama through the Expocomer trade show, which last year generated approximately US $131 million and received over 12,000 attendees. He said the Agency was using the show as a marketing opportunity for Jamaican companies, as it provided a gateway into the Central American market, which is estimated to rapidly expand because of the widening of the Panama Canal. Mr Scott explained, “JAMPRO sees great opportunities for Jamaican products in this market and we have been working with the Jamaica Honorary Consul in Panama, government stakeholders and regulatory agencies to give Jamaican companies more access to Panama. With Lasco and other companies’ success, we see that the pathway is now becoming clearer for Jamaican products to get on Panamanian shelves, which is crucial as Panama is an access point to the Central American region. We are pleased that LASCO has had this achievement, and hope our other clients will follow suit."

Published Date: 
Thursday, February 16, 2017
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