New Amaterra Group project to bring diverse investments, says JAMPRO President

The Most Honourable Andrew Holness, Prime Minister of Jamaica greets JAMPRO's Chairman, Senator Don Wehby (right) and President, Diane Edwards, before the groundbreaking of the Amaterra Group's hotel investment in Trelawny on April, 12, 2019. They are joined in the background by Guillermo Velasco, Director, Amaterra Group. 

JAMPRO’s President, Diane Edwards, has said that the new Amaterra Group investment in Trelawny can transform the parish, with possibilities for not only new hotel rooms to be constructed, but other projects in the agriculture, energy, manufacturing sectors on the 1,000-acre property. Ms. Edwards made the comments at the Amaterra Group Jamaica Investment Forum that was hosted on April 11, 2019 at the Royalton White Sands hotel in Trelawny.

The investment forum was held to brief international and local investors on the potential to develop a mega tourism project that is connected to multiple sectors. Amaterra Group’s Chairman, Keith Russell, The Honourable Audley Shaw, Minister of Industry, Commerce and Fisheries, and JAMPRO’s Chairman, Senator Don Wehby, discussed with international investors the business benefits of generating energy, manufacturing products, and growing food at the same property that will see the building of 8,000 hotel rooms. This is expected to provide jobs and other benefits for surrounding communities.

Ms. Edwards explained that while the project was tourism focused, there is an excellent opportunity for the investors to expand to other sectors at the same location.   The JAMPRO President noted that Trelawny was ready for an investment of this scale, that could support the parish’s economic development. Falmouth is emerging as one of the north coast’s major economic players, and Ms. Edwards said it was the perfect time to consider a large project near to the town.

She said, “Amaterra offers an unparalleled opportunity to develop a multi-faceted resort, but it can also be a pioneer in leveraging the hospitality core business to build an integrated project including agriculture, manufacturing, energy and water activities in a region of Jamaica that is ready for something impactful and new. This investment can redefine what tourism means in the north coast of Jamaica, creating a vibrant new town, with schools, health centres and recreation, that can become a model of development for the region. We will continue to work with the Amaterra Group to make this vision a reality, and we anticipate that the economic impact of this investment will support the transformation of not only Falmouth, but the entire parish of Trelawny.”


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Wednesday, April 17, 2019
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