Talent Platform Manager, Global Services Sector Project

Job Scope: 

The primary responsibilities of the Talent Platform Manager, Global Services Sector are to:

  1. Manage the platform services/infrastructures either outsourced to 3rd-parties (i.e.: Digicel/C&W cloud management, etc.) or facilitated in-house.
  2. Provide oversight of the content of the Careers Pathway Framework which will outline a roadmap for one career track for the industry and which will be housed on the Talent Platform.
  3. Attend industry conferences and career fairs hosted by registered Global Services Sector (GSS) employers, affiliated educational institutions and  the HEART Trust/NTA; to not only enroll candidates for better placement options, but to also build the available employment pool for the talent platform portal.
  4. Facilitate the posting of descriptions for employers in the industry.
  5. Maintain a database from employers hosted on the Talent Platform.

Please download the attached document for additional details.