What types of capacity building services are provided by JAMPRO?

JAMPRO provides a range of specialised business development services to exporters and export-ready companies, which are geared towards improving their export capability and overall competitiveness. These services include: 

  • Export advisory services to guide companies in taking the next step to bring their export product to market.
  • Conducting company diagnostics/needs assessments of export-oriented firms and guiding the development and implementation of enterprise upgrading plans
  • Providing support in the development of technical documents and proposals such as Business Plans, Export Development Plans, Loan Applications and Grant Proposals
  • Identifying sources of funding and providing assistance in accessing developmental programmes
  • Delivering individualised hand holding support and advice in the design and implementation of proper management and financial systems, standards and procedures
  • Affording access to a range of specially designed capacity building training on areas such as packaging and labelling, negotiating export sales contracts and accessing overseas markets