Sector Profile

Sector Profile

With an estimated revenue of US$400 million in 2016; the ITES/BPO sector is a high-performing segment of Jamaica’s services industries. It has enjoyed the highest employment growth rate of any sector in the last decade, and presently accounts for more than 26,000 jobs across the island.

Development Initiatives

The importance of the Knowledge Services sector is underscored by the government’s efforts to enhance the value proposition of Jamaica as a location for ICT/BPO and other offshore services. Significant milestones in recent times include:

  • Full liberalisation of the telecommunications sector in 2003
  • The introduction of Cyber Legislation in 2010.
  • The provision of a special ICT loan facility in 2012 to finance the building of commercial facilities for new and existing BPO providers.
  • The revision and introduction of BPO-focused training at institutions such as the HEART Trust/National Training Agency and various universities to create a BPO-ready labour pool
  • The formation of the Business Process Industry Association of Jamaica (BPIAJ) in 2012, which serves as a focal point for addressing the development of the sector.

MANAGER, Information Technology Enabled Services (ITES) 

Shane Angus
Email : | Tel : 876-978-7755 ext 2271