Limestone Value-added Production

There are enormous deposits of high quality limestone (98% CaCO3 high purity grade) in Jamaica, and this abundant and versatile mineral has significant economic value. The country has the capacity to become a key international supplier of this in-demand product, which has numerous applications for food processing, manufacturing and the development of pharmaceutical and industrial items.

Explore the investment opportunities provided by the projects listed below:

Hodges Minerals Limited

Hodges Minerals Limited operates a 20,000 t/y capacity Ground Calcium Carbonate (GCC) plant in Hodges in the parish of St Elizabeth. The company mainly supplies the local market and exports moderate quantities of GCC. Hodges Minerals is currently seeking financing through a joint venture partnership that will further develop its operations.

MGRA Mining & Construction Limited

Located in Mount Cromwell, Westmoreland, MGRA Mining & Construction Limited is primarily engaged in the extraction and processing of limestone aggregate from 343 hectares of prime limestone land. The company is focused on the production of the four major grades of limestone required by the local and international construction industry and the global pharmaceutical industry. MGRA is currently seeking an equity investor.

Leyden Aggregates Limited

Leyden Aggregates Limited intends to quarry igneous material with the requisite properties for manufactured sand, road and non-skid aggregate. The company has a 10-year lease with Leyden Investments Limited. The company is presently seeking financing through a joint venture partnership or lease arrangement.

Cambridge Hill Property

Located in the parish of St. Thomas, approximately 14km (8.6 milies) east-northeast of the Harbour View community in Kingston, the Cambridge Hill Property has a total area of 816.5 acres (330.5 hectares). Approximately 272 acres (110 hectares) are currently being made available for immediate lease or sale.

JamRockKing Marbles

JamRockKing Marbles is located in the hills of Lumsden, St. Ann. The area is easily accessible and is in close proximity to the Ocho Rios pier, which is already being used to ship bagged and bulk high purity limestone. JamRockKing's deposit contains more than 100 million tons of high purity marble that has more than 99% calcium carbonate. The company is seeking equity investment to develop a mining and bagging plant.

Cherry Garden Mountain

This property in the parish of St. Andrew boasts 16.5 hectares(40.66 acres) of both soft and hard limestone, with the latter having a high degree of purity at 99% CaCo3. The owners of Cherry Garden Mountain are interested in entering a joint venture partnership to exploit the mineral resources on the property.

Moxham Mountain

The Moxham Mountain property in St. Ann offers potential investors 20 acres of limestone. The owners are currently selling the property at a price of J$2 million/acre.



Jamaica possesses true marble deposits of commercial significance, which can be used in the dimension stone industry. Jamaican marbles are characterised by vibrant colours, unique grains and outstanding beauty that make them ideal for luxurious and high-end applications.

Marble can be extracted as properly dimensioned and shaped blocks, but smaller blocks and irregular shaped pieces can also be obtained and utilized. Marble deposits with the highest economic potential can be found in Red Ground, Point Hill and Hellshire, St. Catherine; Chepstowe and Berwick Spring in Portland; Rodons Store in Clarendon; Cuckold Point in Manchester; Mavis Bank in St. Andrew; Garbrand Hall and Serge Island in St. Thomas. The potential exists for discovery of additional deposits across the island.
Rare Earth Minerals

Jamaica is seeking to become a major player in the international rare earth minerals market, as the country's red mud deposits boast up to 2,500 per cent higher concentration of these elements than global competitors. In early 2013, a pilot project to extract rare earth oxides from red mud - a by-product of bauxite refining to alumina, was jointly launched by the Jamaica Bauxite Institute (JBI) and Nippon Light Metals Company Limited from Japan.

Rare earth oxides, which are used in high technology and environmental applications, are currently being traded at rates of up to US$3,500 per kilogram. Investment in this lucrative emerging segment of the mining sector is expected to grow in the medium term.



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