Sector Profile

Sector Profile

The modern era of Jamaica's mining sector began with the discovery of high grade bauxite in 1938 and the subsequent establishment of bauxite mining and refining operations by major North American aluminum companies.  According to the Jamaica Bauxite Institute (JBI), the first shipment of bauxite left Jamaica in 1952, and by 1957 the country became the leading bauxite producer in the world.

The local Mining and Quarrying sector is mainly driven by bauxite and alumina, which generate the most revenue for the sector. However, the sector has become more diversified over the years with the emergence of non-metallic minerals such as limestone, silica sand, marble, marl and fill, and clay. 

JAMPRO, through funding from the Centre for the Development of Enterprise (CDE), has incepted the Limestone Marketing Initiative Project to identify unexplored limestone opportunities. Findings from research conducted by Conrad Douglas and Associates Limited indicate that the country can earn up to US$7 billion annually through increased production of limestone and its value-added items for the local and exports markets. The research also revealed that the industry offers tremendous opportunities for investors in agriculture, food processing and manufacturing.

The Mining & Quarrying sector is served by an experienced and highly competent cadre of professionals with expertise in construction, mapping, surveying, aerial photography and engineering, among other disciplines. Equipment such as tractors, excavators, trucks, safety gear and cranes are readily available for hire, and JAMPRO can connect you with suitable companies.


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