Project Implementation

Project Implementation


The Project Implementation Department seeks to mobilize people in all key agencies of government to work together cooperatively in the provision of assistance to both local and foreign investors as they attempt to secure their various business approvals. These include, work permits, non-tourist visas, duty waivers/concessions, incentives, appropriate permits/licenses custom clearances fiscal incentives, and building & development approvals. This Unit works primarily with NEPA, Jamaica Customs, Ministry of Finance & Planning, Ministry of National Security, Labour, Commerce, Science & Technology and Ministry of Industry & Tourism, as well as KSAC and the various Parish Councils.

A wider mandate of this Unit is to assist in the simplification and harmonization of processes, procedures and documentation related to the initiation and operation of a business in Jamaica as well as a reduction in the transaction times for effecting our approvals.

Client Servicing 


Facilitate projects from implementation stage to operational stage.

  •    Assist with developmental issues that may occur
  •    Assist in gathering/obtaining market information
  •    Processing Incentives Application
  •           Facilitate Linkages

The unit is able to facilitate a reduction of the processing time for business approvals.