Expo Jamaica in expansion mode

EXPO Jamaica 2016, one of the largest biennial trade shows of the Caribbean, has added 90 booth spaces for its 45th staging next month.

The event, hosted by the Jamaica Manufacturers’ Association (JMA) and the Jamaica Exporters’ Association (JEA) in partnership with JAMPRO, will be held April 14 to 17 under the theme ‘The Business Hub of the Caribbean’.

Over the years of staging the event, Expo Jamaica has grown into a model platform to showcase the very best of Jamaican-made products, while supporting industries in job creation, the earning of foreign exchange, intra-regional trade, building new trade networks and routes into global export markets as well as continuing to reinforce the power and strength of Brand Jamaica.

The expansion of booth spaces is in an effort to meet the growing number of exhibitors in printing, packaging and labelling, construction, IT and software solutions.
President of the JMA Metry Seaga and then president of the JEA, Majory Kennedy in a joint statement noted that this year’s theme sees a forging of national significance as both manufacturers and buyers connect with the Government’s mission for an efficient logistics-centered economy.

“With the steady increases in the country’s macroeconomic stability, positive ratings by the international ratings agencies, a stronger connectivity with the Jamaican diaspora and the demand for products and services made locally, as the productive sector, we see it fit to continue one of the best opportunities for buyers to see a showcase of what Jamaica really has to offer through Expo Jamaica. After all, as a top-ranked brand, our island has untapped potential waiting to be unearthed,” the presidents stated.

Expo Jamaica 2016 will showcase several products in the manufacturing, agriculture, tourism and services industries in an expanded home which, in addition to the National Arena, will now include the National Indoor Sports Centre.

So far, the event has secured roughly 400 buyers, 140 of which are international clients. Two years ago the rebranded programme had approximately 100 trade leads with over 65 per cent converted to real world business transactions. Expo Jamaica 2016 is poised to capitalise and build on the positives of 2014 in enhancing the trade experience for all parties involved through upgraded facilities, tours to Jamaica’s premier vacation sites and an Expo Jamaica online application.

Organisers of Expo 2016 are also calling to action persons and or companies which provide goods and services in the arts, fashion and entertainment sectors to include authors, visual and fine artists, photographers, events and entertainment managers, producers of children’s clothing, alongside producers of bamboo products, recycling companies and business process outsourcing providers.

Expo Jamaica has been a fertile ground to introduce new products and services, create and promote a corporate image, while forging international and local business relationships. Expo Jamaica 2014 saw the event registering over 230 exhibitors, hosting roughly 15,000 in consumer traffic, with over 500 registered buyers.

Contributed by KARENA BENNETT
Business reporter

Jamaica Observer
Published Date: 
Wednesday, March 16, 2016