JAMAICA: Blogging ... time to turn creativity into business

JAMAICA: Blogging ... time to turn creativity into business / Jamaica Gleaner / Amid the changing dynamics of the Jamaican economy, blogging is being regarded as an opportunity for businesses to sell their brands on which Jamaica should capitalise . 

"Bloggers now need to understand how to turn their creativity into a business,? said Shane Bennett at Bloggers Night Out held last night at the ATL Automotive Autohaus on Oxford Road.

The event, organised by social media professionals, Bennett and Corve DaCosta came a day ahead of today?s Social Media Day.

DaCosta urged bloggers to target brands for which they could execute social marketingcampaigns.

"Blogging has the ability to reach out to your fan base in a unique way,?  DaCosta said.

Attendees also took to Twitter to support the pronouncements:

Social Media Day 2015, an annual event created by Mashable, highlights the impact of internet-based social networks and apps globally. 

This year, the Social Media Keynote delivered at JAMPRO last Friday, and Bloggers Night Out last night, stressed the need for people to see themselves as brands that market and promote their identity.

While promoting social media as a real opportunity for marketing and networking, power users like Gleaner Online Brand Manager, Terri-Karelle Reid, says one must be careful how one presents oneself to the world. 

Meanwhile, DaCosta?s advice is for bloggers to build their audience, while at the same time capitalising on what is lacking in the blogging space. 

"Tell stories that no one else is sharing,? DaCosta said.

JAMAICA: Blogging ... time to turn creativity into business
Published Date: 
Tuesday, June 30, 2015