Jamaica Ripe for Business – JAMPRO Head


Jamaica Promotions Corporation (JAMPRO) President, Diane Edwards, is renewing calls for Jamaicans in the Diaspora to invest in the country of their birth.

She said that a number of economic indicators are trending in the right direction, which makes the country ripe for business.

“We have macro-economic stability, we’re reducing the current account deficit and we have a low and stable inflation rate, which was 4.2 per cent in June 2017,” she pointed out.

“I think this is really an achievement for those of us who have been watching the Jamaican environment for a long time,” Mrs. Edwards continued.

The JAMPRO Head, who was addressing a session of the Jamaica Diaspora Conference in Kingston on July 25, further noted that business and consumer confidence are at an all-time high, as there is increased demand in the services economy and unemployment is down to 12.9 per cent.

“All the indicators are really positive and we are really poised for take-off and JAMPRO is going to really be one of those drivers for the take-off,” she said.

Mrs. Edwards informed members of the Diaspora that within the next 18 months there will be a totally “transformed business environment” in Jamaica.

“Construction permits are going to become easier and the filing of taxes is going to be totally online. You will be able to interact with Government from a far, do all your business approvals online and come home and just get into it,” she pointed out.

During a panel discussion that followed, Manager of Pedro Plains Sauces and Director of the Jamaica Exporters Association (JEA), Paul Lewis hailed JAMPRO for enabling his business to gain exposure to markets in the United States of America (USA), noting that his company is “indebted” to the entity.

Mr. Lewis, who had migrated abroad but because of love for country, returned to establish a successful business venture, urged other members of the Diaspora to follow his example.

Such investment, he pointed out, is critical in creating opportunities where people can become productive members of society.

“If you want to create opportunities, create jobs. You will be a player in reducing crime,” he said.

Other panels were Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of SportsMax, Oliver McIntosh; and Orthopaedic Surgeon and Chief Executive Officer of KIC Ventures in the USA,
Dr. Kingsley Chin.


Jamaica Information Service
Published Date: 
Thursday, July 27, 2017