JAMAICA: Social media a great bet for advertising

JAMAICA: Social media a great bet for advertising /Jamaica Gleaner / Members of various marketingand media entities around the island are encouraging businesses to use social media to assist in advertising their products.

A panel discussed the benefits of social media at JAMPRO?s launch of Social Media Day last Friday.

The panelists said social media has proven to be an effective marketing technique that facilitates feedback from customers.

Communications Coordinator at CB Foods Andrew Raymore believes social media sites are important in developing brands as they cater to a wider audience.

"Farmers follow our social media page and message us about products,? Raymore said.

He added that this helps to improve the service being offered by CB Foods and will eventually improve the brand.

Gleaner Company Online Brand Manager Terri-Karelle Reid said news companies need to take advantage of all platforms available in order to produce real-time news to a larger audience. 

"When we put out our news, we are getting real-time feedback of what our readers think,? Reid continued.

She encouraged businesses to use social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to provide content to their followers.

"Anyone who is a content provider certainly cannot consider themselves newspaper or print exclusively but must consider themselves news media holistically,? Reid said.

Although social media sites are considered by the panelists as a good marketing platform, Managing Director of MarketMe Jamaica, Kristina Kerr, warns that businesses should provide content with substance on their page.

"When you're posting, it has to have substance for people to actually follow your brand and support it? Kerr said.

She continued to encourage brand managers to invest time in creating quality content.

Raymore also said he believed that content is important to the brands that are being marketed.

Published Date: 
Tuesday, June 30, 2015