Jamaican Manufacturers Encouraged To Expand To Meet Demand

JAMPRO President Diane Edwards and JAMPRO Vice President of Investment Promotion Claude Duncan encouraged Jamaican companies to expand their manufacturing capability to meet the demand for Jamaican products.

The executives made the remarks while on a tour of Rainforest Seafoods’ newly expanded Slipe Rd. facility, which partly manufactures and packages the company’s various  seafood products.

On the tour, which took place on January 11,2016, Rainforest Seafoods’ Marketing Manager Roger Lyn said the company was looking to expand its facilities in Montego Bay after the recent improvement of its lobster and fish facility in Belize.

Lyn said, “the company was focused on propelling the export of not only their products, but of the Jamaican brand; the company also said that they were interested in gaining more access to the Diaspora, Europe and Asia”.

Diane Edwards lauded the achievement and said she was pleased about recent expansions being made by Jamaica’s most notable brands. She said that JAMPRO was aggressively pursuing more opportunities for products made in Jamaica to meet the targets set in Jamaica’s National Export Strategy.

Edwards said, “There have been excellent developments in Jamaica’s manufacturing sector. While there are still significant challenges, we are focused on delivering solutions that will get our products on more international shelves. We are impressed by Rainforest’s achievement and we hope to support more companies who are intent on expanding and contributing to Jamaica’s economy.”

South Florida Caribbean News
Published Date: 
Wednesday, January 18, 2017