JAMPRO to brief diplomats today


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NON-RESIDENT and resident diplomats attending the annual Diplomatic Week 2015 will today be briefed on the growth sectors and investment opportunities in Jamaica, by Jamaica Promotions Corporation (JAMPRO).

This is the first time the entity will be participating in the week-long Diplomatic Week activities, organised by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade.

The presentation will take place on under the theme, 'Building Partnerships with Jamaican Businesses'.

In an interview with JIS News, JAMPRO vice-president Claude Duncan said diplomats will be informed about investment opportunities and future growth prospects for Jamaica.

"The whole idea is to bring them up-to-speed with what is happening in Jamaica from a macro and competitiveness standpoint. The diplomatic corps will know about it but it is really presenting it in a way to convince people as to why they should invest in Jamaica," he added.

Duncan said it was also important to update the group about the sectors of interest and "how to sell those sectors".

"This is to make sure that everybody understands the value proposition around the different sectors or industries that were promoted, industries or sectors like business process outsourcing, making sure they are aware that there are over 14,000 people working in outsourcing in Jamaica," he noted.

Duncan cited the recent launch of a strategy developed by JAMPRO and the Ministry to have ongoing engagements with the consular corps.

JAMPRO, he added, has been hosting quarterly webinars with members of the corps to talk about different industries being promoted and other initiatives of the Government. He added that discussions also focused on the various areas of investments or exports and what is happening in the sectors.

"It is an ongoing engagement to make sure we double up on the use of our consular corps and see how we can work with our diplomatic service to leverage some of that in market presence to get to the investor, and to get to that distributor in the US who wants to buy Jamaican products and services," Duncan said.

JAMPRO, he said, worked closely with the foreign ministry in order to make sure that people who are placed in the field are "equipped with the necessary information to sell Jamaica or find new markets for our productive services".

Published Date: 
Thursday, February 12, 2015