JAMPRO fully supports the nutraceutical industry

As the national trade and investment promotion agency, Jamaica Promotions Corporation (JAMPRO) is the gateway that connects the world to Jamaica’s growing economy and industries.

The agency is in full support of the progression of the nutraceutical industry and works closely with local and overseas entrepreneurs who are interested in boosting this sector and creating natural health aids from Jamaica’s exotic and nourishing flora.

The global nutraceutical industry is growing at a compound annual rate of 8% with expected earnings of US $424 billion by 2017; it is the agency’s goal to increase Jamaica’s share of this global value. JAMPRO actively participates in the nutraceuticals enterprise team, which is focused on bringing structure to this industry.

The agency collaborates with public and private partners to create initiatives that will address the deficiencies being experienced by the nutraceuticals industry and improve its production and overall output. 

In addition to participating in national bodies to develop the sector, JAMPRO has facilitated a number of companies involved in the Nutraceutical industry with their export and other requirements through a number of interventions including:

  •  Capacity-Building Training; which includes improving productivity, packaging, labelling and logistics.
  • Market Intelligence
  • Marketing Activities and Linkages Programs.

 With the continued support from government and private partners and demand for nutraceutical ingredients in industrialized countries, the industry has a bright future ahead as one of the leading sectors in Jamaica.  The combination of the use of natural plant remedies, which is a Jamaican cultural tradition, and the manufacturing of pharmaceuticals through the Nutraceuticals industry, will provide significant contributions to the economy.

JAMPRO will therefore continue to support the nutraceutical industry and is prepared to facilitate entrepreneurs or companies who seek to establish themselves within this industry. The agency is dedicated to working with all stakeholders and seeing the continued growth of this rising industry.

For more information on investing in Jamaica’s nutraceutical industry or importing products, contact JAMPRO at info@jamprocorp.com or at (876) 978-7755.


Carol Straw- Manager, Tourism & Agribusiness, JAMPRO
Published Date: 
Monday, August 31, 2015