The Mapping Jamaica’s Diaspora Project

Mapping Jamaica's Diaspora Project

The Mapping Jamaica’s Diaspora Project is implemented by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade in collaboration with the International Organization for Migration. Its aim is to identify through survey responses how the Diaspora can contribute to the development of Jamaica, whilst also determining their needs and concerns. Increasingly, countries are recognizing the economic potentials of their Diasporas. The Diaspora can contribute to development through the creation of jobs, fostering competition, in-country business development, productivity and innovation. Connecting with and identifying capacities within Jamaica’s Diaspora through the use of appropriate actions that strengthen the government’s ability to engage and dialogue with the Diaspora will be the pillars of this initiative.

The Government of Jamaica (GoJ) has already taken steps towards mobilizing the Diaspora for home country development. For example, there exists a structured Diaspora movement that hosts a biennial conference in Jamaica. Despite the government’s efforts, there is a lack of data on the stock of Jamaicans living overseas. Therefore, the principal aim of this initiative is to determine the location, interest and skills of those who comprise the Diaspora with a view of identifying opportunities for engaging them with the goal of facilitating the growth of Jamaica’s economy and human and social development.

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Wednesday, October 15, 2014