Match Making Software Benefits Expo

The Match Making Software, introduced by Jamaica Promotions Corporation (JAMPRO) at the recently held Expo Jamaica 2014, contributed significantly to the event’s success and the record participation of buyers.

More than 450 of the 600 registered buyers took part in this year’s staging, including those from some 20 overseas countries, exceeding the 350 target.

Manager for Market Development at JAMPRO, Berletta Henlon Forrester, said the match making software facilitated advanced scheduling of business matching meetings, viewing, and saving of exhibitor profiles.

“We had all the exhibitors and all the registered buyers in a system…we put their information on and provided each of them with an individual log-in and that allowed them to view the profiles of the buyers and exhibitors and request meetings online,” Mrs. Henlon Forrester explained.

She highlighted that this new match making software was introduced to enhance JAMPRO’s Buyer Programme, an initiative which was conceptualized in 2008, aimed at increasing buyer participation, primarily from overseas, for Expo Jamaica.

“We have been on this Buyer Programme for over a year…we created collateral material, both in English and Spanish, and Expo Jamaica has been promoted in every single event that JAMPRO has been involved in overseas for the past year, or more, So, we spread the message far and wide, using social media and through our interaction with our counterparts and agencies that we have all over the world,” she added.

She further highlighted that for Expo Jamaica, designated persons were deployed to manage the arranged meetings, in order to ensure they took place.

“They (buyers/exhibitors) knew the designated meeting area and time, and our staff facilitated them on the ground to ensure that they were actually meeting. We follow-up with exhibitors to find out how the meetings went, what the outcomes were, what are the prospects, and what support they need from JAMPRO to move forward,” the Market Development Manager pointed out.

Mrs. Henlon Forrester pledged JAMPRO’s continued support towards the creation of business and investment opportunities for local manufacturers and exporters.

“Expo Jamaica creates a lot of trade leads that need to be followed up. So we will follow through on the trade leads, both for the exporters and the buyers, and we will do all we can to facilitate them being converted into actual export orders,” she added.

Mrs. Henlon Forrester said it is also about local businesses, because many of the manufacturers are not only looking to grow their export markets, but also to sell more in the local space.

“So, all that follow up will continue with JAMPRO. This is why we are busy documenting the information,” she said.

Published Date: 
Friday, April 11, 2014