UCC unviels investment opportunities for Diaspora members

President of University College of the Caribbean (UCC) Dr Winston Adams has emphasised that the entity is now a diversed enterprise, expanding beyond its tertiary education foundation.

“We are pleased to announce that UCC is no longer a single entity but rather it is now the UCC Group of Companies with a portfolio of enterprises centred on key areas: Business Process Outsourcing, Edu- Tourism, Renewable Energy and Real Estate.  All of which are areas earmarked for additional focus in the National Export Strategy document” shared Adams at the UCC /JAMPRO Power Breakfast held at the Hilton Resort and Spa on Monday, June 15.

As the first and only head of an educational facility to have been nominated by the Jamaica Observer Business Leader Award in the category of higher education, Adams is used to breaking with tradition and winning.  Now, the UCC head and his team are once again venturing into uncharted waters and moving steadfastly towards new territory. From its foundation as a tertiary institution, UCC is set to springboard into the world of enterprise.

“It was a very enterprising move for UCC to be able to put themselves front and centre of entrepreneurship. I am very impressed with their attitude and focus for a tertiary institution. Jamaica has to grow itself out of the challenges that it faces. UCC is demonstrating the type of resourcefulness required.” stated Dennis St. Bernard, UK Business Diaspora Spokesperson and UCC/JAMPRO Power Breakfast attendee.

Although each initiative exploits a distinctive opportunity; collectively the portfolio answers the call to strengthen the ICT and educational exports as key services offered under Jamaica’s National Export Strategy. Dr. Adams, President of UCC stated that: “at UCC we believe in bold visions and strong leadership. The three projects underway may seem extraordinarily ambitious for some; however, we have taken our time to lay a solid foundation on which they can be developed. As a result we are sure that they will make it all the way to fruition.”  He added “in creating our plans we paid careful attention to the creation of products and services that were aligned with the long term plans of Jamaica’s National Export Strategy.” Details of the investment opportunities follow.


Global Knowledge Processing Solutions Inc.

Global Knowledge Processing Solutions Inc. (GKPS), UCC is one of the newest entrants in Jamaica’s burgeoning business process outsourcing (BPO) sector. Housed in a UCC –owned facility in the Kington Metropolis; it holds the distinction of being one of the few Jamaican-owned BPOs and the first to be incorporated locally. Spearheaded by a highly competent team with over two decades of experience in strategic planning and execution in BPO, marketing, operations and other related sectors; GKPS is a high yield investment opportunity designed to earn hard currency.

Caribbean Knowledge Village

The Caribbean Knowledge Village is Jamaica’s first University Town. Located on 192 acres of land in the expansive gated community, the Caribbean Knowledge Village will reside just five minutes from Trelawny’s capital – Falmouth. The Caribbean Knowledge Village has been conceptualized as a first-world facility with tremendous appeal to both local and international students. It will house an incubator for applied research and development as well as state-of-the-art knowledge initiatives. UCC will provide the systems, programmes, intellectual capital and will manage related partnerships and academic programmes.

The 1,200 home community is also slated to be site for the development of UCC’s Western Region Campus focused on Tourism and Hospitality and Health and Wellness as well as its Boutique Hotel. The university town will also offer a host of complementary services and amenities such as banks, cambios, supermarkets and health facilities.

UCC Real Estate

UCC Real Estate was created to address the significant undersupply of affordable housing solutions in Jamaica and institutional requirements for specialized commercial space and attractive real estate investments.

Prospective investors can direct their enquiries to direct@ucc.edu.jm.

Published Date: 
Thursday, June 18, 2015