JAMPRO pushing for expansion of health tourism market

JAMAICA Promotions (JAMPRO) is expecting an expansion of the health tourism market next year, with steps being taken to engage the diaspora as the first market in the sector.

JAMPRO President Diane Edwards said the country has developed a competitive advantage over other Caribbean countries, as focus has been placed on diagnostic and dental services.

“We see opportunity for the health tourism industry taking off, having done research along with our international partners,” she said.

Edwards said JAMPRO facilitated meetings between local medical professionals and their counterparts in Atlanta and Washington in the United States. This, she indicated, is critical to forming relationships that will lead to expansion of the sector, particularly through word of mouth and recommendations.

“What was really amazing is that people in the diaspora did not realise how much is going on, even in the private health care market here. They didn’t realise the level of sophistication on our local medical scene, and so we have seen them now coming together and forming joint ventures between local doctors and their counterparts overseas,” she added.

The JAMPRO president said the health tourism market has been further boosted by the introduction of new medical procedures, such as stem cell treatment and plastic surgery locally.

“We are doing a number of really interesting procedures (from which) the diaspora can benefit, and also tourists,” she said.

Jamaica Observer
Published Date: 
Saturday, December 31, 2016