JAMPRO expands international network to attract more BPO investments


Jamaica’s trade and investment promotion agency, JAMPRO, has expanded its international network by contracting management-consulting firm Avasant to market Jamaica as a destination for BPO investments internationally. The agreement took effect in January 2017.

The move comes as JAMPRO seeks to expand Jamaica’s presence in the international race for BPO investments, which is currently led by India, China, Mexico, Costa Rica and The Philippines. The Agency, along with the Planning Institute of Jamaica (PIOJ), engaged the company to ensure that Jamaica will increase its reach to decisions makers in the world of outsourcing. Avasant specializes in digital and IT transformation, sourcing advisory, global strategy, and governance services.

Selected through a transparent international tendering process, Avasant will promote Jamaica’s value proposition to potential clients in the BPO sector, and will connect JAMPRO with these players. They are expected to provide solid leads that will be converted to projects by the Agency. The organization will provide investment projects from anywhere in the world, but the focus will be on the Americas, which is one of Jamaica’s major markets for investment opportunities.

In addition to this new development, the Agency will be increasing Jamaica’s presence at global Outsourcing and Shared Services (a centre or business unit responsible for the execution of tasks such as accounting, human resources, legal, payroll and IT) forums such as the Shared Services & Outsourcing week, which took place in Orlando, Florida between March 6 - 9, 2017. The conference was hosted by The Shared Services & Outsourcing Network (SSON), the largest group of shared services and outsourcing professionals with over 85,000 members globally. The aim is to ensure that Jamaica is at the forefront of discussions for Shared Services

and Outsourcing investments, and to increase the employment of Jamaicans in a variety of professions.

JAMPRO has therefore redeveloped its international marketing strategy for high investment sectors such as BPO to increase the country’s presence globally to the business audience, and to increase the number of jobs in these sectors. The Agency has set a target to double the BPO industry’s jobs by 2020. Currently, the industry stands at 22,000 full time employees.

According to JAMPRO’s Vice President of Investment Promotion, Claude Duncan, Avasant will play a crucial role in expanding JAMPRO and Jamaica’s international network as the competition intensifies to attract investments and increase BPO jobs. He said, “Avasant will help support JAMPRO with raising the profile of Jamaica to a wider audience, which means that more operators will become aware of Jamaica as a BPO destination and will take a serious look at Jamaica when their outsourcing needs arise. The industry is growing at a rapid pace, and we must ensure that we improve on our current position in the global industry, and create more jobs for Jamaicans working in the technology, finance and services sectors. ”

Funding for the engagement is provided by the Foundations for Competitiveness and Growth Project, which is being implemented by PIOJ in coordination with JAMPRO. The pilot programme will be closely monitored by JAMPRO and the PIOJ. JAMPRO has aligned its goals to support the Economic Growth Council’s targets for rapid development in Jamaica’s economic and social sectors.

Published Date: 
Friday, March 24, 2017
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