Over 3,600 Jamaicans Benefit From Logistics Hub Training Course

Over 3,600 Jamaicans now have a better understanding of Jamaica’s Global Logistics Hub Initiative, following their participation in a sensitisation course.

Developed by the Caribbean Maritime Institute (CMI) in collaboration with the Ministry of Industry, Investment and Commerce, the course, dubbed ‘Logistics 101’ seeks to create a greater awareness of the global shipping and logistics industry and the numerous opportunities that can be had from the logistics hub initiative.

The Logistics Hub Initiative aims to take advantage of the anticipated increase in trade activities as a result of the expansion of the Panama Canal, scheduled for completion by 2015.The development of the hub will position Jamaica to become the fourth node in the global logistics chain.

Addressing a Jamaica Information Service ‘Think Tank’ session at the agency’s headquarters in Kingston on January 9, Chairman of the Logistics and Investment Task Force in the Ministry of Industry, Investment and Commerce, Dr. Eric Deans said the course helps the average Jamaican to understand exactly what the initiative entails and how it can benefit them and what they need to do to equip themselves for the future.

“At the end of this programme, you will have a much better understanding of the role that logistics plays in your everyday lives and how significant this initiative can be in transforming Jamaica’s economy,” he said

Dr. Deans said the intention is to offer the programme, which is free of cost, right across the island, noting that “anybody who has a need, just has to make a request and we are happy to present this programme to them”.

For his part, Executive Director of the CMI and Chairman of the Sub-Committee on Education and Training on the Logistics Hub Taskforce, Fritz Pinnock, informed that the feedback from participants “has been very good” in the seven parishes that the course has been delivered so far.

The three-hour-long interactive course is co-ordinated and delivered by CMI in collaboration with HEART Trust/NTA and a network of local universities and community colleges. It is offered to any company, government agency, community, associations and service groups at any training site across Jamaica.

Areas covered in the course include:  the nature of logistics; features of a hub; expectations of a contributing labour force; jobs available through the initiative; educational and training opportunities to be had. All individuals taking part in the course are awarded a certificate of participation.

Several staff members of the JIS also benefited from the training course.

In the meantime, Mr. Pinnock informed that by next week, persons will be able to register online for the course through the Ministry of Industry Investment and Commerce’s website.

Published Date: 
Friday, January 10, 2014