More Funds Being Made Available for BPO Sector

Minister of Industry, Investment and Commerce, Hon. Anthony Hylton, says the Government, through the Development Bank of Jamaica (DBJ), is making additional resources available for the Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) sector.

He said that aim is to facilitate expansion of the industry in order to create more jobs for Jamaicans.

“The Government will be ensuring that the infrastructure needed to expand the industry is made available,” the Minister stated, as he addressed the Montego Bay Free Zone’s Client Appreciation Awards Reception held on December 12, at the Montego Bay Yacht Club.

“In addition to that, we have specific and immediate plans to build further capacity, not necessarily in Montego Bay, but to look at the other areas for expansion that will create a broader remit for the sector, in Portmore, and perhaps as far afield as Mandeville. This, in building out the industry and creating the opportunities for further employment,” he added.

The Industry Minister said the Government is mindful of the need to ensure that there are enough qualified Jamaicans to work in the sector and informed that the HEART/Trust NTA will be charged with providing training.

“Just two weeks ago, the Minister of Education and myself inaugurated an apprenticeship programme that we believe will be an additional fillip for this industry and other industries, where we ensure that we bring on stream, a labour force that…can build and develop the skills that can enable them to find a place in the economy,” he stated.

Minister Hylton said the performance of the BPO industry remains “very attractive” and come next year, he will be seeking additional foreign investment in the sector “as we travel to India, early January.”

He congratulated all the companies within the Montego Bay Free Zone that have contributed significantly to employment creation.

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Island Outsourcers, Yoni Epstein, was presented with the Championship Trophy for achieving the highest percentage growth in terms of employment creation in 2013.

Published Date: 
Friday, December 13, 2013