JAMPRO to launch Creative Industries database

Kingston, Jamaica: As part of its drive to promote the Creative Industries for investment and trade, JAMPRO revealed its plan to create a database of industry professionals to facilitate matchmaking and assist the agency in marketing this viable industry.

Film Commissioner and Creative Industries Manager, Carole Beckford announced the initiative at JAMPRO’s Creative Industries Open Day held on October 1, 2014. The event had 5 one-hour workshops featuring discussions on best practices and issues faced by persons working in the Creative Industries. The sessions discussed film production, dance, music, theatre and industry policy and were led by leaders in each discipline.

The event was attended by over 179 people and presented an opportunity for members of the Creative Industries to speak to JAMPRO representatives about the difficulties they face and how key agencies like JAMPRO can assist. Members of other government agencies and ministries including Gillian McDaniel, Senior Director of Entertainment at Ministry of Tourism & Entertainment and Herman Dawson, Assistant Manager of Trademarks of the Jamaica Intellectual Property Office (JIPO) were also in attendance.

JAMPRO was congratulated by members of the Creative Industries on this specific initiative; Dr L'Antoinette Stines of L’Acadco said “I would like to applaud JAMPRO for creating these sessions to bring creative people together as a unit.” The sector was well represented by Fae Ellington, Kingsley Cooper, Natalie Thompson, Mikey Bennett, Dahlia Harris, Michael ‘Ibo’ Cooper and many other leaders in the industry.

Ms. Beckford noted that the Open Day and the database were just two of the many initiatives JAMPRO had planned to assist members of the Creative Industries to generate business and emphasised that the sector needed to become united to give it a stronger voice, “We are responsible for changing the culture of our country. The information that we collected will be organised to show what the industry is and that this is where investment goes.”

She said that JAMPRO encourages all persons in the sector who are serious about doing business to contact JAMPRO and to become a part of the database. She reassured those present that the information would be used for productive purposes, “Give us your information and make yourself visible. I guarantee that you will be contacted.”

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Tuesday, October 14, 2014
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