JAMPRO Anticipates Success at Diaspora Conference

Kingston, Jamaica: The Jamaica Promotions Corporation (JAMPRO) is officially announcing its support for the Jamaica Diaspora Conference to be held at the Montego Bay Convention Centre on June 13-18, 2015.  The agency will play an integral role in the overall planning, managing and marketing of this premier Jamaican business event.

JAMPRO has participated in the planning of the Conference and will perform essential services at the event.  The organisation has been tasked with arranging valuable business meetings to connect local companies and investors, securing attendees from the Diaspora business community and seeking exhibitors for the Marketplace at the Conference.

The agency intends to generate investment and trade interest in the Diaspora community by connecting them to key local players and introducing them to diverse trade and investment projects.  Pre-arranged meetings and site visits will be facilitated to give business professionals and entrepreneurs a chance to see what Jamaica has to offer.

JAMPRO President Diane Edwards says JAMPRO will be doing everything in its power to ensure the success of the event, "JAMPRO is taking its role in the Diaspora Conference very seriously due to the potential value of investment from the Diaspora community and Jamaicans who plan to return permanently.  Jamaica is in a much better place economically now than two years ago and we plan to capitalise on this through our collaboration with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade," she said.

Vice President of Export and Market Development, Robert Scott, who sits as head of the Marketing Sub-Committee for the event, believes that the Diaspora provides an ideal source of investment and trade opportunities for Jamaica, “The international Jamaican community knows us; they know our food, the culture and all the iconic things that are uniquely Jamaican. What we will be doing at the Conference is showing attendees what they may not be as familiar with, the business side of Jamaica, and the treasures that lay in wait for their taking,” he said.


The Jamaica Diaspora Conference provides a useful forum to encourage investment and trade in Jamaican projects and businesses. JAMPRO looks forward to mining opportunities and success at the event.

Published Date: 
Tuesday, February 24, 2015
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