Jamaica looks ahead to healthy film future

The film industry in Jamaica is being held up as a real opportunity to benefit the whole country’s economy, with an optimistic statement from a local industrialist.



Robert Scott, vice-president for export and market development at Jamaica Promotions Corporation (JAMPRO), was reported in the Jamaica Observer as saying the country should be tapping into the hugely lucrative movie-making market by honing local talent and maximising their ability and potential. 

He said that Jamaican crew were often utilised by filmmakers working in other parts of the Caribbean. 
He explained: “If you look at the element of tourism, just the virtue of having films here becomes a pull and a magnet for people to come to Jamaica and experience what they are seeing in the film… when you look at the careers involved in the industry – scriptwriting, animation, directing, acting, cosmetology…”

Although Jamaica currently has no official tax incentive scheme, Scott went on to stress its already strong position in the region concerning the film industry, noting that “We have had over 3,000 films shot in Jamaica so we have producers and directors with over 40 years of experience.” 

The country’s film-friendly profile is being raised further by this year’s inaugural Jamaica Film Festival, running for four days in Kingston from 7 July. 

Published Date: 
Monday, February 23, 2015