‘Leadership Colloquium sees Strategic Foresighting as ultimate game-changer for Jamaica”

Kingston, Jamaica (October 30, 2015) – Speaking at JAMPRO and the Embassy of the United States’ Leadership Colloquium last week (Tuesday, October 20, 2015), renowned Futurist, David Houle, said that Jamaica should focus on three ‘Shift Age forces’ to reach development goals and increase economic growth. He suggests “the flow to global and individual as well as accelerating electronic connectedness” should be central to strategic planning.

‘Flow to global’ signals the shift to globalization of culture and politics; ‘flow to individual’ speaks to the flow of power and influence to key individuals; and ‘acceleration of electronic connectedness’ essentially speaks of the broadband world we live in, where time, distance and place are not limitations to our communication.  

During his keynote presentation, Houle also noted that the country has great potential and should focus on using a 21st century mindset to increase the country’s ability to grow socially and economically. Transforming the education system, cultural brand development and focused immigration to improve the country’s overall performance were other recommendations from the ‘Shift Age’ theorist.

The Colloquium, which was endorsed by The Honourable G. Anthony Hylton, Minister of Industry, Investment and Commerce and US Ambassador to Jamaica, Luis G. Moreno,featured dialogue on Jamaica's vibrant future as an innovative and industrial economy. Amazon best seller David Houle, the UWI’s Professor Anthony Clayton and other prominent social scientists and business leaders presented strategic concepts on the green economy, social change and the information age.


Minister Hylton in his endorsement stated that Jamaica ‘remained out of step with the dynamics of the modern global economy by failing to restructure our inherited institutions and economy, and adapting to the broader changes. Jamaica’s economic future is inextricably linked to the future of the global economy.”


"The logistics-centered economy is about creating a platform to link Jamaica to the global economy by improving the efficient flow of business activity, which underpins our strategy for building the country's global competitiveness." he explained.


The Forum was created as one of JAMPRO’s initiatives to steer thought-leadership, particularly as the country seeks to increase opportunities to attract well-needed investments and propel local exports. Presented under the theme “Jamaica 2030 and Beyond”, the discussions were developed from the concept of foresighting; a future oriented model of thinking that involves the application of strategic methods, tools and ways of thinking about the future including the possibility of different futures.


JAMPRO’s President Diane Edwards said the agency had identified numerous ways to boost Jamaica’s industries and economic development, stating that, “we are hoping to initiate a national dialogue on the relevance of strategic foresighting, particularly in the identification of the future growth areas and economic development tools for Jamaica.”


“The Colloquium is the first in a series of discussions to provide an avenue for JAMPRO (and by extension the Government of Jamaica) to increase collaborations between the private sector and policy makers to further shape the country’s economic development. The agency has advocated for the revision of numerous aspects of government policy to improve Jamaica’s performance in various growth and business indicators,” she explained.


The dialogue at the Colloquium was informed by Vision 2030 and the Growth Agenda and focused on identifying and preparing the country for the new areas of growth for Jamaica.


Published Date: 
Friday, October 30, 2015
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