Creative Industries- Film Content, Animation Services and Fashion

Creative Industries- Film Content, Animation Services and Fashion

Jamaica’s reputation as the cultural powerhouse of the Caribbean has positioned the island as a major producer of creative products for global consumption. World famous musicians, performers, writers and sportsmen and women have been produced by Jamaica, which in turn have catalyzed the formation of vibrant creative industries around music, craft, cuisine, fashion, fine arts, publishing, advertising and a host of other creative goods and services such as film and animation. 

Film, TV  and Online Content

Jamaica’s local film industry is currently experiencing a renaissance with five feature films released in the past three years – Better Mus Come, Rise Up, Ghett’a Life, One People and Ring Di Alarm- led by a dynamic crop of young Jamaican filmmakers and producers. Jamaican film and television content is being screened in cinemas and distributed on television and online  in US, UK, Europe, South Africa, Japan. Jamaican producers are producing for local and international distribution: television dramas, news and feature documentaries, reality and lifestyle shows, music and entertainment, and animated short series. 


Jamaica boasts a large talent pool of art and animation designer and a number of enterprising investors, who have given birth to a rapidly growing animation industry that has the potential to be the regional hub for animation outsourcing services.

Home-grown animation studios Alcyone Animation created the Caribbean’s first animated series that has been distributed regionally and in several international markets; while GSW Reel Rock has had remarkable success in winning animation production projects outsourced from international studios for wide international distribution. 


Jamaica has fashion, jewelry and accessory designers who range from emerging designers to established internationally-renowned designers.  Products available for export include clothing from leisure to couture, fashion and accessories.


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