Minerals and Metal Products

Minerals and Metal Products

A key driver of the Jamaican economy, the local minerals industry includes a range of commercial operations based on the discovery, development, management and utilisation of mineral resources. These resources include:

    • Bauxite
    • Limestone
    • Hard volcanic rocks (for skid resistant aggregate)
    • Gypsum
    • Clay
    • Shale

Limestone is one of Jamaica’s primary industrial minerals, with a volume of approximately 50 to 60 billion tonnes. A large portion of the deposits are considered high purity grade, and in addition to being used in the construction industry, limestone is used to manufacture lime – a major raw material in the alumina industry. Lime is also used in agriculture, sugar refining, and the manufacturing of glass, animal feed and cosmetics. In 2012, limestone, waste and scrap metals and other crude materials generated over US$ 26 million in export revenues for the local economy, according to the Statistical Institute of Jamaica (STATIN).

Jamaica’s fabricated metal products industry consists of several competitive companies. These small to medium size firms are involved in fabrication, preparation and finishing, and operate in specialty manufacturing segments that include:

    • Metal furniture, shelves, lockers, cabinets and fixtures
    • Primary metal products
    • Fabricated metal products
    • Other metal items such as clocks and watches; signs and advertising displays; costume and precious metal jewelry; burial caskets and stainless steel flatware

These companies possess strong internal technical expertise and efficient manufacturing operations with strong export potential.



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