Export Development Programmes

Export Development Programmes

Export Max

The Export Max: Enterprise Development for Growth Programme, a two-year initiative launched by JAMPRO in 2011, provided a pilot group of fifteen (15) companies with a range of business development and export promotion services that enabled them to penetrate new markets and collectively increase their export sales by 31% (J$1.4 billion). Some of these services included:

    • Company diagnostics/needs assessment
    • Market research support
    • Business/export marketing plan development
    • Facilitation of access to technical assistance and financing 
    • Individualised coaching in financial and records management
    • Quality standards development (e.g. HACCP, ISO9000)
    • Business matchmaking
    • Facilitation of access to services of partner agencies
    • Support for participation in export promotion activities including trade missions and trade shows
    • Capacity building training through targeted workshops and seminars

Export Max II
Encouraged by initial successes achieved under the Export Max pilot programme, JAMPRO is seeking to introduce a successor programme that will target a new group of companies. This follow-up initiative, which is called Export Max II, will offer the same benefits as the initial programme, while introducing new features such as a mentoring and ongoing individualised business coaching. These new components were added to ensure that the specific needs of each participating export-oriented firm are systematically addressed.

If you are in the Limestone, Non-Food Manufacturing and Fresh Produce sectors, APPLY now to be a part of Export Max II.
The FINPYME Export Plus Programme
Launched in Jamaica in October 2012, the FINPYME Export Plus Programme seeks to improve the ability of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises to access export markets. Participating firms benefit from technical assistance in strategic areas that will ultimately improve their international competitiveness. The four main objectives of the programme are to:
    • Build export readiness
    • Improve market access
    • Increase performance and exports
    • Provide export development support and assistance
 FINPYME Export Plus, which will be executed over the course of 14 months, is an initiative of the Inter-American Investment Corporation (IIC) and the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), and is being implemented under the World Trade Organization's Aid-For-Trade Initiative.
The key activities being executed under the programme include a series of fourteen (14) capacity building workshops, which will be coupled with the provision of technical assistance. 
Please contact a JAMPRO facilitator for additional information on how you can become a participant in the programme. For more information on upcoming workshops under the programme, please see our Calendar of Events.


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