Export Max II

Export Max II

Encouraged by initial successes achieved under the Export Max pilot programme, the second installment of JAMPRO’s Export Max programme was launched in October of 2014. Ten (10) firms were selected from the agro-processing and services industries and another ten (10) in non-food manufacturing and fresh produce. The primary objectives of Export Max are to design and implement customized enterprise development programmes in order to improve the export business performance and competitivenessof the participating companies. The programme seeks to facilitate 50% growth in export sales and access to new markets for all firms, as well as, generate a minimum of 15 trade leads for each of the companies.



The Hon. G. Anthony Hylton is pictured with JAMPRO’S President, VP of Export and Market Development,
Export Development Manager and mentors of 
JAMPRO’s export development programme Exportmax II.
From L-R Senator 
Norman Grant, Mavis Bank Coffee Factory (Mentor) , Mr Robert Scott , VP of Export and
Market Development, JAMPRO; Dr Trevor Hamilton, Hamilton 
and Associates (Mentor) ; Dr Wayne Wesley,
HEART Trust NTA (Sponsor), Hon. 
G Anthony Hylton , Minister of Industry, Investment and Commerce;
Stewart, HEART Trust NTA (Sponsor); Pamela Douglas, Bank of Nova Scotia (Sponsor), Marlene Porter,
Export Development Manager, JAMPRO; Diane 
Edwards, President, JAMPRO; Michelle Cunningham,
MC and Associates 
(Mentor); Melody Cammock-Gayle, MC and Associates (Mentor); Dwight Ramdon,
Bureau of Standards Jamaica (Sponsor); Stanley Beckford, Grace
Kennedy (Mentor); Stephen Spence,
SMS Communication (Mentor); Phillip 
Shay, Jamaica Productivity Centre (Sponsor).

Export Max II will continue to provide companies with:

Company diagnostics/needs assessment

  • Market research support
  • Business/export marketing plan development
  • Facilitation of access to technical assistance and financing 
  • Individualised coaching in financial and records management
  • Quality standards development (e.g. HACCP, ISO9000)
  • Business matchmaking
  • Facilitation of access to services of partner agencies
  • Support for participation in export promotion activities including trade missions and trade shows
  • Capacity building training through targeted workshops and seminars
Under the Export Max II programme companies are being facilitated in accessing mentorship support and individualised business coaching, capacity building training, productivity audits and market penetration support. The programme receives support through strategic partnerships established with private and public sector entities including the Development Bank of Jamaica (DBJ), Jamaica Productivity Centre, Bureau of Standards Jamaica, HEART Trust/NT A and Bank of

Nova Scotia Jamaica (BNS).

To date, Export Max firms have participated in the following JAMPRO-led export market penetration initiatives:

1.       Road Show USA – Florida, EG Wellness Brands, Grace Agro Processors, Carita

2.       Road Show USA – Houston and Atlanta, EG Wellness Brand, Carita

3.       EXPOCOMER 2015 – Panama, Grace Agro Processors, EG Wellness Brands,

4.       FIHAV 2015 – Cuba, Free Form Factory, Ansel Development

5.       Haiti Trade Mission 2015 - Boss Furniture

6.       LAC Flavors 2015- Paraguay, Patwa Apparel (10 Fyah Side), EG Wellness Brands

7.       2015 Trade Mission to Canada – Carita, EG Wellness Brands

8.       2016 Trade Mission to Canada - Carita

9.       ICEF North America Workshop (2015) – Miami, University College of the Caribbean

10.   Road Show USA: New York, Carita, Grace Agro Processors

11.   Caribbean Week of Agriculture (CWA) – The Cayman Islands, Carita


Other initiatives under the Export Max programme:

-       Branding, Packaging & Labelling Consultancy

-       Business Coaching Consultancy/Action Coach

-       Productivity Improvement Initiative/ Jamaica Productivity Centre

-       Mentorship

-       Strategic Planning

-       Export Marketing Strategy

-       Business Development

-       Access to Financing

-       Market Intelligence

-       Inward Missions

-       Capacity Building Training

-       Website Development

-       New Product Development