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Find Markets

Are you ready to meet the growing demand for Jamaican products globally?

With Jamaica’s far-reaching brand, “Brand Jamaica”, the opportunities for exporting Jamaican products have increased tremendously.  In addition to our prominent brand identity, Jamaica benefits from  a number of trade agreements signed through CARICOM with North America and the EU. Here are a few markets and the opportunities they present:
  • Market of 127 million people
  • 2nd largest economy in Latin America and imports US$372+ Billion in goods (2016)
  • Growing interest in diverse foreign foods
  • Opportunity for rum, mild jerk sauces, sorrel–derived products and coffee.
  • Market of 11.48 million people
  • Close proximity
  • Existing trade and cooperation agreements
  • Huge opportunity for agricultural produce, building/construction material and nutraceuticals
  • Market of 39.17 million people
  • Duty Free exports to CARICOM countries
  • Similar preferences in food and fashion.
  • Opportunity for agricultural produce, snacks, teas, rum, sauces, chemicals, furniture, among others.
South Korea
  • Market of 51.25 million people
  • 4th largest economy in Asia
  • Growing interest in foreign foods
  • Opportunity for jerk sauces and coffee
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